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RCMP police get involved in the matter of Gillam related to swat team. The team stands en route with the armor-plated vehicles. The police are involved in hunting two suspects for the murder.

The hunt is going on for the two suspected teens for murdering three people with the gun. It is a backpacker from Austria and his girlfriend from America, which all happened on a Canadian highway which was left alone. The incident took a dramatic path.

The Royal Canadian Mounted police swat trucks, which were laboriously armored have come down on Gillan (a remote town located in the region of Northern Canada) where the vehicle for a getaway was tracked by the police which was dumped by Kam McLeod-19 and Bryer Schmegelsky-18.

On this matter, the locals came up with a statement that the region is covered with wild, threatening animals including wolves and polar bears. Also, a warning was released by the locals that if police are not able to get hands-on the suspects, then anyhow, predators will not leave any clue to their existence.swat trucks

CBC news on the matter: What did they come up with?

CBC News also spoke on the matter that the police was looking at the land which was located around Gillan with the drone and dogs to find any clue. Also, a strict check on the vehicles was conducted in the town. When talking with a local woman, she said that the “community is just losing control which is freaking out since they’ve never experienced such a time as nobody keeps the doors locked.”

Though, even after conducting such a massive search throughout the night hours also, only the suspicious sightings were revealed for the pair in the Split Lake. The lake was situated at a distance of 85 km in the North of Gillam town with a surrounding population including just 1200 occupants.

The missing report for the couple- McLeod and Schmegelsky still running in the light from the pickup truck came into the eyes which were fully forsaken and left on fire on July 19 on the isolated Alaska Highway located in the region of Northern British Columbia.

Confirmation was released by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) that McLeod and Schmegelsky stand in their suspect list for murdering a Sydney man and his girlfriend, namely, Lucas Fowler-23 and Chynna Deese-24.

swat truck

The couple was enjoying in their travel journey from the region of Northern British Columbia to the route of Alaska when they were murdered by a gunshot along with their minivan (descriptions- Blue Chevrolet). The incident happened on July 15 as suspected by the police swat trucks.

Two people who last met with Deese and Fowler when they were alive are Sandra Broughton and Curtis revealed to the police that they were assisting with the couple after they were left alone due to the broken van which stopped on the roadside just before a day from their death, July 14.

It happened on July 19 when Leonard Dyck-64 (University of British Columbia lecturer) was lying dead near the Dease Lake situated at a distance of 2 km from the burnt Dodge of the teens and at a distance of about 500 km where the body of Fowler and Deese was suspected.

What did the investigators warn the local public?

Investigators gave a warning to the public that they should stay locked in the houses as the region is still left in armed hands due to the missing suspects, irrespective of the search with the police swat trucks. The local public has never felt such a terror and any records in the past for such a criminal case was never investigated before.



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